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Horses of the Heartland

N.C.K. Riding Center News

Events Calendar

Summer Edition

We also have scheduled a horsemanship clinic for May 6, 10:00.  Some of the things we will cover is proper saddle fit, perfecting those "pesky" circles, obtaining a better seat (especially at the trot), among others.  We will also have our popular Riders' Challenges!  We have already started obtaining some of the prizes!  The participation fee is only $20.00 to bring your own horse, or send an extra $10.00 nonrefundable deposit and ride one of our horses!  For more information or to sign up contact Crystal Bowser at or call 785-729-3378. 

Can you believe we have a new horse?  I know, I know, when will we ever stop getting more?!  Horses are definately my weak spot.  Anyways, our new addition is Miss Aztec, A.K.A. Dixie, is a 21 year old Quarter Horse mare.  We have started using her in lessons, but we have some work to do as she seems to get spooky when in new places and situations.  She puts us up to 12 horses, and yes, my husband caught me recently drooling over horses on the internet and local horse sales recently!  You would think he'ld learn to keep me away from them!

Dapples, bays, pintos, grays........what will it be?  That's just one of the questions on mare owners' minds this time of year.  Of course, everyone also has played the ever popular guessing game of colt or filly??  Some people even go as far as to use old wives' tails to find out early.  I myself, am finding myself wondering if we will have colts or fillies, and picturing what each one will look like right down to the last hair.  It's fun, yes, but can lead to both pleasure and disappointment when the day finally comes.  Our first foal is due at the end of March out of Cherry, the Appaloosa.  She was bred by our Paint stallion, Continental Rocket, and as you can imagine, our minds are filled with pictures of spots and splotches!  We hope everyone is enjoying their anticipation of becoming new "horsie" parents!

We've been enjoying having such a mild winter so far, and it is very encouraging to know that spring isn't far off.  Riding lessons have continued through the winter, and we look forward to giving more this summer.  Make sure to sign up early to get the best days/times!

Tips and Reminders:
Remember to clean, oil, and thoroughly check all your tack before riding this spring.  Replace or repair any broken and worn tack before riding!

Calendar of Events;
April 29...........Fun Day in the Saddle, Concordia Fairgrounds, Concordia Ks,
May 6............Horsemanship Clinic, Bowser Residence, Haddam KS,
Raymonds' Saddle and Tack Repair
Cuba/Narka Ks. Area
New and Used tack also for sale.
N.C.K. Riding Center
Haddam, KS
Western and English Lessons, Clinics, Gift Cards
Standing At Stud
Continental Rocket
Haddam, KS
Loud sorrel tobiano Paint stallion.  Passing on good dispositions, conformation, and athletic foals.  Look to him for your next work, show, or family horses! 
Intoductory fee:  $150.00 plus mare care
Approved mares only.
Horsemanship Clinic
Haddam, KS
Covering such topics as proper saddle fit, perfecting circles, obtaining a better seat, working on specific individual problems, and the ever popular Riders' Challenges!  Prizes to be awarded.  Fee $20.00 (Bring your own horse), extra deposit of $10.00 to reserve one of our horses.  Contact Crystal Bowser at or call 785-729-3378

To ask about lessons or future clinics, contact N.C.K. Riding Center at or call 785-729-3378.  N.C.K. Riding Center is located South of Haddam, Kansas.